Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm a GREAT!

A  L  O  H  A !

your wedding was beautiful;
One of the Great Days.

 you are an exceptional man,
and a great match for my
extraordinary niece.

on the Big Island [Hawaii]
you gave us a boy.

I'm sure he has
a Hawaiian middle name
a page long,
but his first name is

R E E F .

He will be a great waterman,
 who will surf life's currents
with blessed beauty.
Blessing all of us.
Blessing many;
Like his parents.

Mahalo ke Akua
[Thanks be to God]

Great Aunt Cloudia

Sometimes Small Thing

A  L  O  H  A !

Small Things by Steve Sidwell on Grooveshark

" There are no passengers
 on Spaceship Earth. 
We are all crew. "

Marshall McLuhan.

" We all live 
under the same sky,
 but we don't all have 
the same horizon."   

Adenauer, Konrad

" Everyone is trying 
to accomplish something big,
 not realizing 
that life is made up 
of little things.  "

Frank Howard Clark

" For in the dew 
of little things 
the heart finds 
its morning 
and is refreshed.  "

Khalil Gibran

 > < } } (°>

Have you seen this equation before?
 IV = III + III 
 [4 = 3 + 3] 

By moving one line
you can make it

I had to look
for a long time
to figure it out.

Do you see it?
Answer is below.

One day, a big truck
became wedged tightly
under a low bridge.

Rescue officials
puzzled over how to remove it.

They tried to hook the truck
and pull it out,
but it didn't work.

Some wanted to use tools
to cut off the vehicle roof;

Others wanted to 
a few inches
from the cement over-pass.

A small child
turned to Mother and asked:

"Why not let
some air out of the 
truck's tires?" 

That's what they did. 

And it worked!

And the equation?

Move the I in IV [4]
to the V's other side:
VI [6]

6 = 3 + 3.

Easy as pie
when you change
one little thing.

How often our view
of life
revolves on one
little thing!
Thank YOU
for visiting !

                         Warmly, cloudia