Sunday, September 2, 2012

Night Angel Moon

A   L   O   H   A  !
Crepuscule With Nellie by Thelonious Monk on Grooveshark
 Setting Sun
sets the stage

 for magic

 Balinese Angel watched
as the moon visited
with some red beacons
atop a building
across the way.

 With simple equipment, 
the moment was captured.

 As usual,
 I snapped several shots,
discarded most. 
 But this one shows 
an 'Orb' -
Some people consider
these to be Angels.

 Here the same orb,
enhanced using Picasa.
 Note the stars.
"Beautiful Something,

" Whole areas of
and information
 have been defined
into nonexistence
 because the system
 cannot know, 
or measure
 them. "

Anne Wilson Schaef

Morning reveals new glories

" The cause
 is hidden;
 the effect
 is visible 
to all. "


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