Friday, February 24, 2012

Manoa Valley

A L O H A !

(Sunday Manoa) - A Hawaiian Lullaby by Brothers Cazimero on Grooveshark

Before we moved into the harbor

 (and lived there almost 20 years)

We lived in Manoa - the Valley of Rainbows-
Home to legends, Ali`i (Chiefs) & Royalty,
site of Hawaii's first sugar growing scheme.

Oh, and also the home
 of University of Hawaii @ Manoa,
the flagship campus of the State University;

That dome on the right
 is where sports occur.

I also received my degree inside.

Yesterday, I had to ride my scooter 
up into the valley to pick something up.
It was like a journey
into an earlier time
in my life.

Manoa is a nostalgic place
for many locals
reminding them of
college years.

The President's parents
met at UH.

As a youngster,
Barack lived in the valley

There are some Mansions in the valley, 
but you still see these pretty, older
wood-frame, single-wall,
working class
hale (houses.)
Sweet, yeah? 
(The house the president lived in
is rather humble.)

View over Manoa shopping center-

The valley walls
 are always part of the view plane.

Back in the day, it was common
to see kimono 
in the streets of Honolulu.
( Note the Tabi socks
and Geta! )

Early 20th Century Honolulu
A Meibutsu Store
 Courtesy: Hawaii State Archive

" Japan's tradition of meibutsu
or famous regional products, is unique
 and unparalleled anywhere else in the world. "

My charming co-shopper
told me she just came from
a tea ceremony.

I asked for permission
to take this shot;

She smiled 
and thanked me.

( Note the 'Oriental Snacks'
store aisle sign :-)

Click on this panorama!
Early flight over Manoa Valley
Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines 
( Incorporated on January 30, 1929 
as  Inter-Island Airways Ltd. )

Look at this early aerial shot,

then back at Manoa today.

Is there a place

that takes YOU

back in time?

Please tell us in comments!

Thank YOU for visiting-

              Warmly, cloudia

 is a short video of a Manoa rainbow
shot from the back of the valley.
You can see Waikiki and 
Diamond Head.

This one shows the lush foliage of the Manoa:

Here's a 'tour' of the valley