Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paradise Plastered

A   L   O   H   A   from   Honolulu!

" They paved paradise,
Put up a parking lot -"
                        Joni Mitchell

But we left PLENTY
of Paradise too-
"Always keep your smile. 
That's how I explain 
my long life." 
                        Jeanne Calment 

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Courage Gentle and Patient

A  L  O  H  A   from   Honolulu!
" Outward courage 
dares to die; 
Inner courage 
dares to live. "
                              Lao Tzu

" The overcautious 
accomplish little. "
                           Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

" Good ideas are not 
adopted automatically. 
They must be 
driven into practice
 with courageous
 patience. "
                           Hyman Rickover

Traditional Hawaiian Greeting
" The 
important thing
 in life is
 courage. "
                          Woody Allen


I'm on a Courage Kick.
Feels like a new thing.

Strange, because it
took a lot of courage
just to 
survive my childhood.

But courage has 
to do
with a choice.

Running away
is instinctive -
as is 
fighting back.

I did both,
relying on instinct
a lot back then.

Reliable guidance
was lacking.

Some creatures
'play dead'
which, looking back,
is what I did
on the inside.

So many feelings,
so much hurt 
and turmoil.

Quieting all those 
bad feelings
was priority
and job

I put them into
therapeutic coma.

So I was tough
cause life had been
tough with me.

Now it takes
to see what 
really is-

About me
about Life
about You
and each of us.

Life takes
a certain measure
of courage;
Amounts differ
with each unique
for each unique
"Who I Really Am.'

Pleased to meet me!

Pleased to meet You too.

I'm not tough,
I'm brave.

Brave enough
to be gentle;

How about You?

                     Fondly, cloudia