Monday, August 27, 2012

Cloud Literacy

A   L   O   H   A  !
Click on the clouds & optical effects below:
Crepuscular Rays
- an Optical Effect -
 shining up from
 Cumulus clouds.
The ones 
shining down
from the
are called
 'Jacob's Ladder

Crepuscular times of day 
are  around dawn and dusk.
When boundaries of
light and dark
 are emphasized.
Crepuscular comes from the Latin 
 "crepusculum" - 'Twilight.'

" And we are put on Earth 
a little space,
 that we may learn 
to bear the beams 
of love."

 William Blake

 a  Notable Cloud species
 the jet-stream Cirrus

Perspective makes these
parallel filaments,
driven by high winds,
appear to  yearn
towards convergence
in the distance. 

 " You must not blame me
 if I do talk
 to the clouds. "


 Hawaii Rainbow-
Optical Effect of 
the refraction of light
through water droplets,
blown over Waikiki.
Notice the Primary Bow,
and the fainter 
"Secondary Bow."

A darker band:
"Alexander's Dark Band"
between them,
is not obvious
in my picture;

are a locus of wonder.
Light Wind Water

They teach us
many lessons
if we spend time
with them.

My wish for you

“ Be thou the rainbow 
 in the storms of life. 

The evening beam 
that smiles the clouds
and tints tomorrow 
with prophetic
 ray .” 

Shine in comments!

              Warmly, cloudia

 Lord Byron