Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Once in a While

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Once in a while, you
pick the right thing,
the exact best thing.
Every day, the moment you
open your eyes and pull
off your blankets, that's
what you hope for.
The sunshine on your face,
warm enough to
make you heart sing. Sarah Ockler

Peace begins
with a smile.
Mother Teresa

Smile, your
soul's watching
Allan Rufus

Fallen blossoms are in their
golden years.
They bloomed and went through an
entire Becoming & Beautifying.
Now they have dropped.
Some are beautiful, still fresh,
 perched in beautiful places.
Others are beginning to brown
around the edges. Some
even land face down. But
even the back of a flower is
a beautiful thing to those who look.
We are all flowers and someday
we will fall. Let's give
thanks for today and for
the sun that is on our face
at this moment. And
let's go on beautifying and
healing the world

Paint the flying spirit
of the bird
rather than its feathers.
  Robert Henri