Wednesday, July 14, 2021


A L O H A From Honolulu!
To be angry at something 

means you’ve forgotten: 

That everything that 

happens is natural. 

That the responsibility 

is theirs, not yours. 

    Marcus Aurelius

Sour, sweet, bitter, 

pungent, all 

must be tasted. 

Chinese proverb

It is beautiful to talk 

about beautiful things 

and even more beautiful

to silently gaze at them.

 Dejan Stojanovic

Only in the shattering 

can the rebuilding occur.

 Barbara Marciniak

You must stick 

to your conviction, but 

be ready to abandon 

your assumptions. 

Denis Waitley

 ي ي ي ي ي ي ي ي   ؠ

Love You - Good Luck,
                    Cloudia & Pixie

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Like the moon I have learned

to be beautiful in darkness.

Collette O'Mahony