Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Song that Saved My Life

A L O H A ! 
    30. Bridge Over troubled water by Simon And Garfunkel on Grooveshark
"An education
 isn't how much 
you have committed 
to memory, 
or even how much 
you know. 
It's being able 
to differentiate 
between what you do know 
and what you don't."

       Anatole France

" The more I see
 the less I know 
for sure. "

John Lennon 

"Contagious conversations
the world."

Daniel Pink

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When I was a depressed youth,
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
with my aimlessness,

Listening to the song
made me feel better,
helped me to find
an artist's dignity
in my endurance.

If I could time travel
to advise
my younger self,
I would tell her
that it all
works out.
"Life is short,
enjoy it."

What would You
tell the child
You were?

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