Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hawaii Vacation in 2 Minutes

A    L    O    H    A  !

Another Busy Day: Honolulu Harbor and HNL Link

" The trouble with the world
 is not that 
people know too little, 
but that they know 
so many things 
that ain't so. "

 Mark Twain



I have long 
much I believe
is actually
just one way
of looking at it.

Being disillusioned
in a GOOD way
is hard to explain!

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Lily Spring in the Bud

A    L    O    H    A  !
Tight in the Bud

" There is nothing stronger
 in the world 
than gentleness. "

Han Suyin

" Find the seed 
at the bottom of your heart 
and bring forth a flower. "

Shigenori Kameoka

" You cannot 
teach a man anything;
you can only help him 
find it within himself. "


" There came a time 
when the risk
 to remain tight
 in the bud 
was more painful 
than the risk it took 
to blossom. "

Anaïs Nin

" Obstacles 
cannot crush me. 
Every obstacle 
yields to stern resolve. 
He who is 
fixed to a star 
does not change 
his mind. "

Leonardo DaVinci 
Notebooks (c. 1500)

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