Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Routine Change Rhumba

A  L  O  H  A !

" Nice guys are 
winners before 
the game even starts. "
                                     Addison Walker

" You will be as much
 value to others
 as you have 
been to yourself. "

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We cherish our routines.
They certainly help us
make sense of our time.

But when time comes
that change is blowing,
our old ways of knowing
can weight us like stones.

nourish essentials;
and may you have
Luck in knowing
all what that is;
While shucking 
all else to the bins.

What to keep?
What to mourn?
What is just now
being born?

Every dusk,
brings forth a morn.
I have learned to
look forward to
new dawns.

                         Fondly, cloudia

Amy's Drive-Through

A  L  O  H  A !
Have you tasted prepared  
meals from Amy's Kitchen?

We've been enjoying their 
healthy, vegetarian, non-GMO, 
organic convenience foods 
for almost 30 years. 
Founders Andy & Rachel Berliner have opened their first 
Amy's Drive Thru restaurant 

The building is welcoming and 
futuristic at once, with more than 
50 solar panels, a green roof.

Inside, we found  95% salvaged, 
re-purposed  wood. There's even 
a drive-thru window, and it
was BUSY the day we visited.  

"The Amy," a veggie burger, 
comes with single or double patties,
  house-made bun, "secret sauce," 
pickles, organic tomatoes. 
Single burger $2.49 
($2.99 with cheese)

Amy's pizzas, burritos, salads,  
milkshakes and mac & cheese, 
are also made from scratch 
right on the premises with 
vegan or gluten-free 
options for each item!

Local foods are preferred 
as possible. We drank coffee 
from Coast Roast Coffee 
in Tomales, ate pickles 
brined by Sonoma Brinery, 
and I enjoyed Clover Stornetta 
sour cream on my burrito.

What a fun sense of occasion! 
Everyone seemed very happy to be there, patrons and workers both. 
There was a feeling of something great beginning, and we all felt smart for being among the first to eat there.

I inhaled my lunch
before remembering
to take a photo!
Please excuse me

BEST Strawberry Milkshake EVER!

Good Luck, Amy's!


Thank YOU!
                     Warmly, cloudia