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Emotion Rebellion

A   L   O   H   A !
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Why are so many of us

Why is compromise
a dirty word,
when in our private lives
we work out compromises
every minute
to keep life 

Our deep emotional side
feels cheated and lied to.

That deepest, most ancient
and Human portion of ourselves
has systematically been 

Don't get me wrong,
I'm glad to enjoy
our scientific age
and it's myriad,
undeniable blessings.

But something vital has been lost
- fairly recently -
and we all feel it.

Visiting "less developed" places
we encounter smiles,
and resilience of joy,
that our culture lacks.

Because we have 
ignored the care
and feeding of Our Humanity,
our emotional unity
that very ancient part of us
is on life support.

All that's left
is a vestigial patriotism
played like a fiddle
by those who profit 
from war.

We roll it our for parades.

In the absence of wider 
Shared Values that empower
  our emotional side's best,
a forest of technicalities,
convolutions, and
holds all the power
in day to day life.

This state of affairs
frustrates our most
basic connection to
"Right & Wrong." 

We are estranged,
governed by those who
believe that they,
not we,
see the Big Picture.

They after all are
We used to call them
Servants of the Public.
But the clash with reality
has retired that expression.

Where are they leading us?

Instead our emotions,
uneducated & ignored,
are played upon by experts
causing us to purchase,
wear, vote, live out 

Though our shared public 
conformity has shattered,
this has not deterred 
the self proclaimed "Elite."

Our public narratives
have wandered far afield.

The Center
will Not Hold.

And perhaps this too
is by design,
because the voters
will never be defeated.

So they need us to be
stirred up and confused.

Clarity would show us
how robbed we are!

They have thwarted 
and channeled our
wise discontents,
cleverly making of us
 impotent clans opposing
each other.

We waste our political energies
in argument

This too keeps the 
machine of society
in the  
 predetermined direction.

Happy or angry
it's all the same to them:
we go to work
we buy their shit
we repeat their lies.

In the 60's Grace Slick
and the Jefferson Airplane sang:
"Feed Your Head."

Today the revolutionary
radical & conservative
Thing To Do:


Ignore the phony oppositions,
stop arguing with your neighbor,
and hear their desperate heart
that knows something is wrong.

The talismans of guns,
prepping for disaster
and hating those godless
are really talismans:
hopeful charms protecting
the same things liberals value!
Family, Liberty, American Values
(which have always included
both welcoming
and beating immigrants.
Sad but true.)

So we continue;
Pushing the boulder of decency
and civic equity
up the steep incline
of loud, wrong

Who do those explanations

Not You,
Not Me.

One message of the 60's
still rings true:

" All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
I can't understand it, so simple to me
People everywhere just got to be free
Ah, ah, yeah . . . ah, ah, yeah
If there's a man who is down
 and needs a helping hand
All it takes is you to understand 
and to see him through "

Young Rascals 
People Got To Be Free
[ Lyrics ]

Together. Here.
You & Me-

We Are Living It 

Every Day

Can You Feel the Power?

                        Fondly, cloudia

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" One who can no longer 

pause to wonder 

and stand rapt 

in awe, 

is as good as 


 his eyes are closed. "

Albert Einstein


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