Saturday, April 4, 2015

Scene At The Post Office

A  L  O  H  A   from Honolulu 96815
Feels like
nothing really bad
could happen here.
I enjoy
checking the mail
at the Post Office.

“ Like Alexander the Great 
and Caesar, I’m out
 to conquer the world. -

- But first I have to stop 
at Walmart and 
pick up some supplies.” 
                           Jarod Kintz

Mid-20th Century Functional
Hawaii is largely 
a natural environment.
Being born in a large city, 
living much indoors,
makes this a 
strangely nostalgic 
space to me

Is that a drone
 waiting patiently?

It IS indeed!
Someone's pet
sent for their mail?
[ Is a drone a critter? ]

Back In The Day - And Today
Before GMAIL
this was your In-Box

Look. . . A HORSE!
NOT an every day event
[ Critter!! ]

Linking to

Stretching his legs 
Waikiki Parade

Re-enacting the 
Royal Progress of
Hawaiian Kings & Royals
Visiting their Subjects

Yes. It is a calming routine
(usually) to visit the USPS-
A Public Service 
that Works for
ALL of us!

How's YOUR Day?
                      Fondly, cloudia