Thursday, March 5, 2015

SkyWatch Honolulu

A   L   O   H   A     from   Honolulu!
 “The storm starts, when the drops 
start droppingWhen the drops 
stop dropping then the storm 
starts stopping.” 
                                  Dr. Seuss

 "Although the world 
is full of suffering, 
it is also full of 
the overcoming of it." 
                    Helen Keller 

" As the sun makes ice melt,
 kindness causes 
 mistrust and hostility
 to evaporate. " 
         Albert Schweitzer

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Moat Or Fence, Your Highness?

A  L  O  H  A   from USA's Only 
                              Royal Palace
Seat of Hawaiian Royalty
High Chiefs 
occupied this piece of land
in today's downtown Honolulu.
behind a wooden palisades. 
In 1862 this magnificent 
palace was built.
[Makai/seaward side] 
Illuminated by 
Edison Electric 
before the White House 
was electrified!

Mauka/Mountain Side

You can see the monarchy era 
Troop Barracks
through this 19th Century gate.

A proper castle! 
Look at those regal spikes!
King Kalakaua was 
the first royal head of state 
to make a journey around the world. 
He was a favorite personality
 all over Europe, visiting
his brother royals.

Glance inside the book
"Around the World With a King"
Click on "Preview"
to see a smashing 
frontispiece of the King.

Today the book is
chiefly noteworthy
for the blatant,
matter of fact racism
of the author's
 attitude towards
his Hawaiian King! 

The Caucasian (Hawaiian)
officials who accompanied
the beloved King
[including author]

The chief job of 
Hawaiian royals from
Kamehameha the Great
onward, was to remain
independent and not a
colony in a frankly colonial
age. This they accomplished
with great dignity
until island-born
American business men
[including the children of missionaries]
overthrew the monarchy
in a bloodless coup
because Queen Liliuokalani
wanted none of her people
shot. And she trusted in the 
justice of the USA,
even lobbying Congress
in person!

She did fly the US
flag over her lovely
[private] home during
You see, this was not
so very long ago.

We are all guests
of the Hawaiian People.

That should ALWAYS
be respected!

- 1883 -
Aloha `Oe
"Aloha to You"
                   warmly, cloudia

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