Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shadow Thus

A L O H A !
" When the mind is pure, 
joy follows  
like a shadow
 that never leaves.” 

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Point Panic - Kaka`ako Waterfront Park

A  L  O  H  A !
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" Travel and change 
of place impart 
new vigour to
 the mind. "

This is the entrance to  
Kaka`ako Waterfront Park 
[and Point Panic surf spot]
from the parking area.

Not much to see but 
palm-topped hills, 
because this was a landfill 
since the 1940's
and heavy "fill" 
slumbers within those mounds.

I came here with friends 
before the park was imagined
to drink and play the fool in a dirty,
out of the way area with
a sea view.
You could drive to the top
of the heap then. . . 

 "I can't go back to 
yesterday because 
I was a 
different person 
then. " Lewis Carroll
'The park has changed too.'

 A path winds among the hills,
 but I prefer climbing to the top
where this pipe vents 
the buried landfill spirits.
[But keeps my secrets]

This is a spacious place 
in which to be alone
 with your thoughts - 
or disreputable companions.
But Honolulu is
 all around and 
very close.

To the west are the 
Waianae Mountains rising 
above the flat runways of 
the airport / air force base. 

The Aloha Tower 
[Opened September 11, 1926] 
presides over the 
docks and shipping area
as it has since Territorial Days
Link when it was 
the tallest building
in Hawaii. 

They still run the
 port/harbor from there.

" Silence is 
the best answer. " 
                          The Dalai Lama

To the morning east
 one sees a tiny 
Diamond Head
faded as old denim by 
the sun rising behind.
It's gonna be 
another nice day
in 'paradise.'

 Every park must 
have guardians -

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Saturday Critters

- Luckily it seems that
the guardians have friends
of their own.

No surfers today, but
 there is something
for almost everyone here. 
Nature, Sea & Sky
most of all.

 Plus space to 
breathe it all in.

The garbage is gone, or 
at least sleeping below the hills
that look out to sea,
the blue pacific, beyond
the reef.

I imagine
that I can see 
YOU waving!

Aloha, Friends;
Your visit
is the sun on my shore.

                       Fondly, cloudia

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Sunlit Sunday

Read about the park, and see panoramic pictures: Kaka`ako Waterfront Park