Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Each Their Own

" Doughnut holes 
are made of the same thing 
as the hole in your
 toilet seat,
 but nobody ever publicizes
 that. "

 Megan Coughlin

"'We got any Darwin fans in the house?'

  Baba Brinkman, yesterday
 at the first ever event
 held for atheist and secularist 
US Army soldiers
 at Ft. Bragg. 


 Free Will
make YOUr
own choices
of conscience.

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Man Saves Shark

! ALOHA ! - 
This is NOT an "April Fool" 
 ! ALOHA !

Sunny Sun Sun

A   L   O   H   A  !

Sunny by Marvin Gaye on Grooveshark

" A looming bastion 
fringed with fire. "
Alfred Tennyson

" Fill a space
 in a beautiful way. "

 Georgia O'Keeffe

" The sky above the port 
was the color of television,
 tuned to a dead station.  "

William Gibson

"Another world 
is not only possible,
 she is on her way. 
And on a quiet day, 
if you really listen, 
you can hear her

Arundhati Roy

 “I was never one
 to paint space, 
I paint air. "

 Fairfield Porter


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