Monday, November 15, 2010

1920's Waikiki

 you are warmly welcome here :)

Here is some Hawaiian Music from the 1920's

North King St; the Heart of Chinatown
The First Hawaiian Bank building seems to be sending
"cutting Chi" right as us.  Bad Feng Shui?

"One step at a time
 is good walking"


Pleasant Path to a Bower of Beauty

“Democracy is the art
 of thinking independently together”

 Alexander Meiklejohn

See how the rainbow twists into a spiral?

"To reveal art and conceal the artist
 is art's aim." 

Oscar Wilde




What a weekend!
Mom called from the hospital:
emergency appendectomy.

Fortunately, I spent some time
'flying' on my scooter.

Moving through the beauty of
Hawaii mesmerizes
all worry.

Polynesian paralysis
makes effort
seem puny and wasted.

I just wanna ride
on my "motor-sickle."

Mom's OK.
The business of life
goes on.

Lyric skies
spread their siren song;
the concerns of life
seem like comic diversions
as the waves surge
and pound.

There is
this one
perfect moment.

And here we share it.

Can't believe I haven't posted
or visited
in two days!

          Forgive me? cloudia