Friday, December 10, 2021


A L O H A From Honolulu!

Every evening,
as soon as the Sun
had finished his course,
Diana mounted her moon car,
and drove her milk-white
steeds across the heavens,

- watched over and loved
by the countless stars,
which shone their brightest
to cheer her on her way;
and as she drove she
often bent down to
view the sleeping earth,
so shadowy and dreamlike,

- and to breathe
the intoxicating perfume
of the distant flowers...

- It always seemed to her then
as if Nature, so beautiful
during the day, borrowed
additional charms from the
witching hours of the night. Unknown

 Life's like a movie, 
write your own ending. 
Keep believing, 
keep pretending.
              Jim Henson

Look at the bright
side of life and
the bright side
will look at you.
The reflections we send
out always return.
  Ron Baratono

Love you,
Cloudia & Pixie