Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Clooney - So Close

Aloha Movie Fans!

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"Ideals are like stars,

you will not succeed in touching them with your hands.

But like the seafarer on the desert of waters,

you choose them as your guides,

and following them

you will reach your destiny."

Carl Shurz

"Tact is,

after all,

a kind of


Sarah Orne-Jewitt

"Man (or woman :)

will do many things to be loved;

he will do all things

to get himself envied."

Mark Twain


I rarely go to the yacht club anymore,
even though it is just 156 steps from my boat.
But Saturday night,
a little angel whispered in my ear:
"Why not put on some bling and go over to the club?"

The idea was tantalizing for a moment
before being overtaken by
Polynesian paralysis.

The next day the harbor was abuzz;
George Clooney,
and a few of his colleagues
who are filming here on Oahu
were at OUR club
for a quiet evening of drinking!

George was tending bar
and VERY approachable
to club members who came by.

You can't avoid me forever,