Saturday, October 1, 2016

All Aboard

A  L  O  H  A !
“The restlessness and the longing, 
like the longing that 
is in the whistle 
of a faraway train. 
Except that the longing 
isn't really in the whistle—
it is in you.” 
                       Meindert DeJong

“I like trains. 
I like their rhythm, 
and I like the freedom 
of being suspended 
between two places, 
all anxieties of purpose 
taken care of: 
for this moment I know 
where I am going.” 
                      Anna Funder

“The train may fall in 
love with a station, but 
it has to go and it goes! 
Don’t be like the train; 
stay at the station 
you fell in love, 
go nowhere!” 
                      Mehmet Murat ildan

"Their memory's like a train: 
you can see it getting 
smaller as it pulls away 
And the things you can't remember 
Tell the things you can't forget 
that History puts a saint 
in every dream. "
                        Tom Waits


I missed trains;
Honolulu is just
building her first.

Sonoma Marin Area 
Rapid Transit
is road testing trains
to run later this year.

The whistle enchants me,
as do the geese honking
low over my house,
and the zesty cool
snap in the golden
afternoon air.

I'm a sucker
for October.

Hope yours is
high-balling* along!
          Fondly, cloudia

Favorite Train Songs:
What's YOURS?

* "HIGHBALL—Signal made by waving hand or lamp in a high, wide semicircle, meaning "Come ahead" or "Pick up full speed." Verb highball or phrase 'ball the jack means to make a fast run. Word highball originated from old-time ball signal on post, raised aloft by pulley when track was clear. 

HIGHBALL ARTIST—A locomotive engineer known for fast running."

Conspiracy theories & simple explanations

Conspiracy theories &; simple explanations
are super popular. The USA is an evil empire,
3 white men run the whole world. NO! The
Illuminati do! Or is it the Masons? Rome,
or the Scientologists? I joke, because for
centuries EVERYBODY knows, that the
Jews are behind the world's problems.

Well I have news for you. What's REALLY
going on is way too complex for anyone
to definitively understand or control somehow.

The historic, psychological, unconscious, economic,
societal forces that create this moment DO NOT
boil down to simple explanations, [or else we
are back to "The Gods" or "Because I say so"
which still exist, but are not the whole story
that they once were. Though always poised
for a comeback.

Thunder is not the angels bowling.
You may think so. News organizations
might give you equal time, but we now
understand that meteorological conditions
cause thunder. That's why we can do weather
forecasts. So you may firmly believe in
the angels bowling explanation,
but you are wrong. I defend your right
to be wrong. I do not agree with your right
to faith based health and safety regulations
for me and my family!

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !

Pu'u Awaawaloa 
(Mount Olympus) Manoa, Oahu