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Honoring Veterans Worldwide - Hawaii Chapter


Originally posted: November 2, 2011

Today, proud, elderly, Japanese-American veterans
of World War II,
including 60 honorees from our Hawaii
their Congressional Gold Medal.

  More than 400 Nisei veterans took part
  in Congressional Gold Medal events.

Today's ceremony took place
in Emancipation Hall
at  the U.S. Capitol.

The medal was awarded collectively

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They  served this country with much-noted heroism despite the fact that some had parents and siblings confined to internment camps at a time when Japanese Americans faced distrust unmatched by anything directed towards German Americans.

Jack Nakamura, 88,
who was wounded twice
told a reporter last week: 

"That's one reason why I joined, volunteered, too.
They were calling me 'Jap' and stuff like that.
My mother said, 'No, don't join up.'
But I joined up anyway," recalled Nakamura,
a 100th Infantry Battalion veteran.

"After all that we went through and all that,
and to be recognized for what we did 
and all that, I'm grateful to the government
for awarding us this medal,"
said Takashi Shirakata,
a 442nd Regimental Combat Team veteran.

When these veterans arrived in Washington, D.C. this past Monday morning they received a special honor at the airport as their plane was saluted with jets of water from airport firefighters. 

The medal itself will be archived at the 
Smithsonian Institution.

Each Hawaii veteran will receive their own as well.

Many of these aging heroes aren't able to attend the Washington events, so a celebration is being planned
for them here in Waikiki in December.

 I walk past this memorial on my way
to my Waikiki Post Office

If we 
would put country and family
ahead of self
as these men did,
many losing their lives,
their companions,
then America
would be


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Something You Miss

A  L  O  H  A !
 “ Time was passing 
like a hand 
waving from a train 
I wanted to be on. " 
                   Jonathan Safran Foer

" A camel 
makes an elephant 
feel like a jet plane. "
               Jackie Kennedy

“Make it a rule of life 
never to regret 
and never to look back. 

is an appalling 
waste of energy;
 you can't build on it; 
it's only good 
for wallowing in.” 
 Katherine Mansfield


Think of something you miss.
It doesn't have to be
a big thing, or an
important thing,
this thing that your miss.
Or maybe it is.

Look at something in your life.
It doesn't have to be
a big thing, or an
important thing,
this thing in your life.
Or maybe it is.

Look at something.
Really look.

Remind yourself:
'This Too Shall Pass.'

Look. Remind.
And love.
Hold these
to your heart.

Never let them 


Gosh I appreciate you,
the friend reading these words!
Thanks for sharing
this Life Thing-
               Fondly, cloudia