Monday, April 20, 2015

Diamond Head Kuilei Cliffs

A  L  O  H  A   from   Honolulu!
Diamond Head

" The less open-minded 
someone is, 
the more open-mouthed 
they tend to be. "
Nicole Azavedo

Diamond Head Crater, Kapiolani Park
" We have 
just enough religion 
to make us hate, 
but not enough 
to make us love 
one another. "
                      Jonathan Swift

These surfers are
 walking along Diamond Head Road. 
The cliffs are 
the seaward edge of the crater.
It's ALL Diamond Head.

The View beckons 
from Diamond Head Road

The path 
down to the beach

“ True happiness is. . . 
to enjoy the present. "

Diamond Head Light House is the residence of Rear Admiral Cari B. Thomas, commander, Fourteenth Coast Guard District, whose area of responsibility spans over 12.2 million square miles encompassing the Hawaiian Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Saipan, Singapore and even Japan. 

DH Light has been District commander's home since 1944. 

"The Diamond Head Lighthouse has guided mariners to Honolulu for more than a hundred years. The original structure was erected in 1899 and the original ironwork of the watchroom and lantern are still in use. The 55-ft. tower we see today was built in 1917 and is constructed of reinforced concrete. The lighthouse can be seen as far away as 18 miles and the light shows a red sector to warn vessels away from the reefs of Waikīkī Beach." Link

"The Revenue Cutter [US Coast Guard] Lawrence sailed into Honolulu Harbor Sept. 4, 1849, escorted by Native Hawaiians in outrigger canoes. This marked the beginning of the U. S. Coast Guard presence in the Pacific. For the next 90 years, cutters from the West Coast routinely plied Hawaii’s waters on patrols. In 1939, the Fourteenth Coast Guard District was established ashore in Honolulu with 230 personnel.   Link

Pack out your trash.
Do NOT approach
 Hawaiian Monk Seals!

A Semi-private beach,
plenty of shade,

" Purity and simplicity 
are the two wings 
with which to soar 
above the earth 
and all
temporary nature. "
                    Thomas a Kempis

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