Monday, July 21, 2014

Emotionally True Pancake

A   L   O   H   A !
"Sit down before fact
 as a little child, 
be prepared to 
give up every 
preconceived notion... 
or you shall learn
                       Thomas H. Huxley

"I have never 
been hurt 
by anything 
I didn't say."
                 Calvin Coolidge

 "There ain't no pancake 
so thin 
it ain't got two sides. ..."

"The first pancake 
is always lumpy." 
 Russian Proverb


When I worked with teens
I was very invested in 
giving them my attention
and believing in them.

Sometimes they complained
about some person or situation:

The principal said-
Mom said-

Yes, Mom, 
or the Principal
can be rude,
or even wrong.


By going off half-cocked,
based on 1 person's version
I have learned to my
that there are 
at LEAST two sides
to everything,
two versions of every story.

I have learned
to withhold judgement
instead of reacting

(What was that Grandma
said about counting 
to ten?)

My version of events
is Emotionally True
to me.

Yours to You.

Yet, those truths
are but parts
of a bigger
T r  u  t  h.

I have learned
not to argue with 
Emotional Truths.
They are facts.

It is a rare person
who can see beyond
their own
Emotional Truths
to walk a mile
in the Other's shoes.

I work towards being that person.
Join us.

Together we can
change the
Way the World 

Who's with me?

                      Fondly, cloudia

Bonus Info:

No matter how flat you make a pancake, 
it still has two sides. 
Step into the other person's shoes 
and try to see their side of the story. 
Try to understand the other person 
and why they acted in a hurtful way. 
Try not to judge them. 
Conversely, examine your role in the feud. 
Did you do or saying something hurtful? 
Did you promise something 
and then back out of your agreement? 
Keep in mind 
the other person 
probably has some valid points that you need 
to weigh and consider. 
"Dr. Phil" McGraw.