Saturday, August 24, 2013

Number Friends

A  L  O  H  A !
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" Above 

the cloud with its shadow

 is the star 

with its light. 

Above all things 

reverence thyself. "  *


*Sociopaths Excepted PLEASE

" There is geometry

 in the humming of the strings,

 there is music 

in the spacing of the spheres. "


Oh yeah, the "Music of the Spheres" guy

" The dictum of the Pythagorean school was 
"All is number."
What this meant was that 
all things of the universe 
had a numerical attribute 
that uniquely described them. 

For example,
  • The number one : the number of reason.
  • The number two: the first even or female number, the number of opinion.
  • The number three: the first true male number, the number of harmony.
  • The number four: the number of justice or retribution.
  • The number five: marriage.
  • The number six: creation
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  • The number ten: the tetractys, the number of the universe."

When I was very little
I had insight
into the nature
of the first ten numbers.

I can barely remember
but it was plain to me then:
1 the Ancient Grandmother
2 Her Husband Companion
3 & 4, Aunt and Uncle
5 & 6 Parents
7, 8, 9
obviously the kids.

The mystery of 10
is lost to me.

When I drove taxi
numbers were co-workers.
All had colorful nicknames
I still use today:
Fie, or (nickel)
then Sick;
and Ten.

Dispatcher say:
"Double Nickel!
Where you stay?"

"Fie Fie - 
you check me

In Hawaiian
a hole
is a puka,
so Zero
is Puka.
(Or Zero,
depending on the music
of the words)

When I started driving,
I was Puka Nie.
the taxi's number
became my name.

Even today,
the nicknames help me
to remember numbers:

20222 = "Du Zero Triple Duce"



But YOU knew
or suspected that :)

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World's Biggest Saxophone

 " Antoine-Joseph "Adolphe" Sax 
was a Belgian musical instrument designer and musician 
who played the flute and clarinet, 
and is best known for having invented 
the saxophone. Born: November 6, 1814 "


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