Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh No! Super Monday! Run!

A  L  O  H  A !
Wouldn't you rather be surfing,
or watching surfers?
I caught this back-lit family
Saturday on 
as they walked up the trail
from the shoreline below.

 " Once there is a distance 
between you and 
your thought process, 
a new freedom is born. 
With this freedom, 
a new perception 
arises. "
            Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

The tiny dots (click on them) are surfers below

" Turn life 
into play 
and you can 
your body 
and brain
 younger! "
                      Josh Catchur 

Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer,
Legendary Life-Saving Hero,
of modern surfing 
to the world.

When you surf, especially Waikiki
you surf with the Duke's spirit!

Seen above in Mural at The Wave Hotel
Linking to Monday Mural

" If one is lucky, 
a solitary fantasy 
can totally transform 
one million realities. "
                    Maya Angelou

Linking to Our World


January is cold.

The new year is 
just finding it's legs
like a newborn

And then there are
the bills. . .

Some people remain
too. Watch for them.

But today is the day:
The first normal 
"Work Day"
"School Day"
after a protracted
Holiday Season.

Here is my tip
to YOU:

Just show up.

Just find your class.
Everyone there
is more disoriented
than you.

Look awake.
Make it through
the day.
It will all be easier

And to those like
"They've gone now.
We can clean up,
drink a second cup,
take the camera
for a walk."

When you love
what you do
'Normal Time'
is the Best Time
of ALL!

I wish YOU
Love & 
Pleasant Musing-

           Fondly, cloudia