Friday, August 15, 2014

I've Still Got It

A   L   O   H   A  !
" I intend to live forever
or die trying. "
        Groucho Marx

I think age is a gift 
to those able
 to appreciate it.

My Trusty Steed. She gets me home;
I got her home today.

I was having a great time
riding my scooter to the store.

The world seems more alive
on two wheels,
more immediate and 

It's really about
the full attention
a good rider gives
to the bike, the road,
other drivers,
the sky.

Yes, it makes you feel
extra alive,
and this takes 
less speed to achieve
the longer you ride.

I don't need to go
100 MPH
to have a good time
[get my 'Ya Yas'  as we used to say]

And before you ask,
Yes, I have ridden
over 100 mph.

These days, that just
takes too much attention,
too much work,
but when one's mind is 
full of demons
it's great to fill your head
with LOTS of other input.

The wind shrieking like
a hurricane at 100
helps obliterate 
regrets too.

Today, she sputtered.

Then she shuddered.

Then I was parked on 
the side of the road.

Groceries, including
icy treats
in a big chill bag.

Well long story short,
I pushed a ways.

Then she started 
took me a ways.

I pushed halfway home
the rest of the way
through Waikiki.

I still got it!

Nothing worse
than waiting for help
in the hot sun.
Glad I pushed.

If I wanted to ride
in a pickup truck
with my bike
I would own
an AMF/Harley
from back in the day!

I also repaired
my computer yesterday.

Something was very wrong.
I figured that an update
to a program I don't use
totally messed things up.

So I used 
[that's a link]
to remove the entire program
(REVO gets ALL of it)
and bingo:
no new laptop for me!

So remember. 
Ask yourself calmly:
Do I have power/petrol?

1. Restart
2. Internet connected?
3. Google your problem!
[someone else has fixed this, include error codes]
4. Sites like How To Geek [link also]
 have LOTS of great tips!
5. Re-install your operating system
as a last resort. Some geeks
do it annually!
[many repair places just do this too]
Or use the Factory Reset.
[Google or HTG can tell you how.]
Even I did that once 
when I had a computer virus.

Now time for icy snacks on the couch!

Thank YOU for looking in today
                               Fondly, cloudia

Sunset Shafts

A   L   O   H   A  !  click on photo
A smile 
only takes a moment- 

but the memory 
of that smile 
may last forever.

" Some people see 
the cup as half empty. 
Some people see
 the cup as half full. 
I see the cup as
 way too large. "
           George Carlin 

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Thank YOU!
             Warmly, cloudia