Monday, December 29, 2014

The Dog is a Gentleman

A L O H A !

 The dog 

is a gentleman;

 I hope to go to 

his heaven, 

not man's. "

                   Mark Twain

" Think like a wise man 

but communicate 

in the language of 

the people."  

                   William Butler Yeats

[  This photo was intended to show
the giant cement 'root ball' of a streetlight
soon to be 'planted.' It's the cement block
up to her shoulder. The woman
was shielding her face from the sun
when she walked into my shot.
I know it looks like she is avoiding
the photo. . . but now you know
the story :) ]

" I don't believe in regrets; 

I believe 

your future is 

in your tomorrows. "

                       John Travolta

[ um. . . OK John ]


Thank You

for sharing 


               Love, cloudia