Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hawaiian Music

Welcome, FRIEND,
Warm Aloha
of the

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"What is not love is fear.
Anger is one of fear's most potent faces.
And it does exactly what the fearful ego wants it to do:
It keeps us from receiving love
at exactly the moment
that we need it most."
Marianne Williamson

Little box fish, why face off with a barracuda, even a small one?

"She still believes in true love,
and she dispenses affection
with a lavishness as intense
as her craving for it."
Judith Thurman

"In every ancient culture
there are rituals to mortify the body
as a way of understanding
that the energy of the soul is indestructible."
Marina Abramovic


Don't bother going over to the cave.
They're saying that he isn't there.
Some story about an angel on a rock,
a stranger who knew their names,
some story by that Mary. . .

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