Monday, February 15, 2021

Hocus Focus Awaiting the Crocus

 A   L   O   H   A  !

Being original doesn’t

require being first.

It just means being

different and better.

              Adam M. Grant

Each moment of

a happy lover's hour is 

worth an age of dull 

and common life. 

Aphra Behn

We are always whirling in

the trance of deficiency 

in which we equate 

being alone with loneliness, 

restraint with deprivation, 

being silent with 

being empty. 

I get seduced by the promise 

of adding yet another 

ornament to the tree

of myself and forget to pay 

attention to the

 heavenly invisibles.

Geneen Roth

Be soft. Do not let the 

world make you hard. 

Do not let the pain 

make you hate. Do not 

let the bitterness steal 

your sweetness. 

Take pride that even 

though the rest of the 

world may disagree, you 

still believe it to be 

a beautiful place.

     Iain S. Thomas

Don't pretend to be 

what you're not, instead, 

pretend to what you 

want to be, it is not 

pretense, it is a journey 

to self realization.

Michael Bassey Johnson


We Love YOU,

                         Pixie & Cloudia

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