Sunday, May 1, 2022

Excitement, Hula & Flowers

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Daily Ever-Changing Show
Life is everchanging,
if you cease to change,
you cease to live.
  Mark Spitz

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Honolulu 7:10 am

Gray skies are just
clouds passing over.
   Duke Ellington

Grey Skies are still Play Skies

The artist, busy and
unsettled, can find a
moment's peace - and even
whole-being rejuvenation -
by quietly attuning to
a red sky, a gray sky,
a black sky, a blue sky.
Eric Maisel

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Things that upset a terrier
may pass virtually
unnoticed by a
Great Dane.
 Smiley Blanton

Those who are
willing to be
move among
the mysteries.
Theodore Roethke


May Day
Lei Day in Hawaii!
See Excitement,
Hula & Flowers

Love YOU,
Pixie & Cloudia