Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Could Happen

A  L  O  H  A   from   Honolulu!

" Tear off the mask. 

Your face is glorious. " 

" When you feel 
a peaceful joy, 
that's when 
you are near truth. " 

click the kite for loft
" The secret of genius 
is to carry the 
spirit of the child
 into old age. " 
                Aldous Huxley

  " Success is liking yourself,
 liking what you do,
 and liking how you do it. "
                        Maya Angelou 


Life can surprise you!
I think THAT's
what I really want
to tell You today.

Anything Can Happen.
We say that,
and shudder;
We hold our loved ones
closer and say a prayer
or charm.

Yes, Anything
can happen.
And that includes
unseen blessings
out of a bright blue sky-
or even BETTER:
a grey & stormy sky!

What a difference
a Day makes.

"Don't cry for the one
that left you,
the next one might 
fall for your smile."
counselled Mae West.

And she was right.
Today is a treasure,
just to exist.
And sometimes
it explodes with happiness.

That's part of Life too!
Don't discount a Serendip,
or turn away 
a Heff-a-lump.

You just might find
that lucky clover.

It could happen!

After all,
I'm wishing 
the best!

                Fondly, cloudia