Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy? Who Cares?

A  L  O  H  A !

We put a lot of emphasis
on feeling good.
"I just want my
children to be happy"
we say.

We avoid bad feeling,
chase good feelings,
but feelings come and go
like weather any way.

We can create conditions
for happiness, and avoid
what brings us down,
but 99.99% of humans are
NOT happy all the time.

I was thinking:
"so what?"

Worrying about happiness
seems like a huge waste
of time, as well as an
internal contradiction.

Perhaps we are happiest
when we are NOT thinking
about it at all!

Gratified sociopaths are happy.

We who care, are often unhappy
about something that is wrong.
And so we try to fix it.
That's some productive

Maybe our feelings
are not as important
as our choices.
Get them right,
and happy tends
to result.

I choose to be happy;
but not worry too much
when I'm not.
I'm adopting a 
So What attitude.

I hope you feel good today.
But if you are mourning,
I will cry with you.
Supporting a friend
makes me happy.
Such a contradictory life!

Thank YOU -
Your Comments
ALWAYS make me
H A P P Y!