Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Must Be

A L O H A !
 A pink & lilac cloud 
 envelops the space 
where my brain
 used to be

  I dwell instead
on the New Red
  tickling from 
my fingertips. 

 Airy and pleasant. 

What is going on

 with me? 

 New shoes drew me to the shops

A new bag 
the most important thing 
in the world

All I want to do
 is wear my beguiling
 new blue dress, 
 and shoes, 
 and fresh makeup colors 
 and smile. 

At everyone.

 I am insatiable for Aloha
 and giggles.

 Nothing else interests me 
but stroking kitty's
 luxuriant fur
 with my new

 We smile

It must be SPRING!:-) 

Oh Thank YOU
for looking in!

Your comments
make me deliciously