Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

Great Blue Heron

"Grey in morning mists--against a sun
Not quite risen--against a golden eye half-closed,
Grey on blue, the omen-bird, a heron"
                    Mary Oliver

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Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !
Kaka`ako Waterfront Park, Oahu

Soul Expanding - Tiny House

A  L  O  H  A !
My soul is expanding
into all this new space.

Hawaiian Islands,
all in all,
are small in small.

Wheels in wheels,
micro-climates of
Weather and

Surrounded by ocean
thoughts loom large;

The island visitor
appreciates it all against
the weight of snow.

But endless days of
familiar sights and ways
can begin to feel
like living in a maze.

I think my mental health
has taken a big leap
with this move.
Which is not to knock
Hawaii in ANY way.

It is the nature of islands
to be surrounded by 
water, In this case
miles and miles
of it.

The world has opened.
It's bigger than I 

Hawaii homes
are small homes.
To spread into this space
after boat living,
shack living,
Waikiki apartment
There are no words
for my awe at
a driveway,
and rooms!

No wonder that
I'm amused by
the Tiny House trend;
You might say I've
lived it my friend!

So before you move
into your crackerjack palace
with your one pair of shoes
and kitchen a foot away
from the loo,
Realize one thing:
goldfish grow to
fit the container
they inhabit.

I'm getting big!
I'm a whopper!
Let's drive 50 miles
as obsessed holiday

I may have left
part of my heart
in Hawaii,
but I'm finding parts
I had all but forgotten.

Here's to HEALTH!

To You & Me
and Those That We Love.
Replacing thoughts of worry
with joy in the bounties
from above.

Love You, Man
                 Fondly, cloudia