Friday, September 25, 2015

Light Takes the Tree

A  L  O  H  A !

" Light takes the Tree;
 but who can tell us how? "
                         Theodore Roethke   The Waking 

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Refreshing Words

A  L  O  H  A !
" In a word, 
if we want security, 
let us give security; 

if we want life, 
let us give life; 

if we want opportunities,
 let us provide opportunities. 

The yardstick we use for others 
will be the yardstick
 which time will use for us.
                              Pope Francis

" I would also like to enter into 
dialogue with the many elderly persons 
who are a storehouse of wisdom
forged by experience, and who seek 
in many ways, especially 
through volunteer work, to share their stories 
and their insights. I know 
that many of them are retired, but still 
active; they keep working 
to build up this land. 

I also want to dialogue 
with all those young people 
who are working to realize 
their  noble aspirations, 
who are not led astray 
by facile proposals, and 
who face difficult situations, 
often as a result of immaturity 
on the part of many adults. 
I wish to dialogue 
with all of you. . .  "
                                     Pope Francis

  ' I've earned every wrinkle. '  
                                        Peter O'Toole

Thank YOU
for pausing here;
                    Warmly, cloudia