Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Self Portrait

A  L  O  H  A !
Self Portrait of the Artist

as a jaunty young girl in pink

Who colors the sky Purple ( with some green )

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Thank YOU very much for coming over 

to play with us!

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Hi Cloudia, Leilani tagged you in a post.

“ When pure sincerity 

forms within,

 it is outwardly realized 

in other people's 

hearts. ” 

 Lao Tzu


Hi Cloudia,
"Leilani" tagged you in a post. You can choose if you want to add it to your timeline.

"Leilani" wrote: ""The minute you realize you're different, is the moment you become normal."

Words spoken to a bunch of us po'e mahu while we were in high school still trying to figure out what and WHO we would later become. Mahalo Cloudia Charters for instilling in us that we are women of worth.

We didnt choose this life, but we sure as hell didnt shun it nor did we force ourselves to be what society's thought was "normal". And your slander and violence cant change us. So to the asshole that bashed my niece for being the "woman" she has always wanted to be...get a life, get a grip, get a clue and get lost.

Sincerely yours,
Me :)"

Some days I feel old, "past it"
like this Disco Ball in a wheel chair.
We both ruled many many nights
of glory under the lights.

But did my years past MEAN anything?

Today is good.
My blog friends are the BEST!
We share stuff that matters.
I have a life. . .

Imagine my surprise
to receive the email above
and to see all the great comments.

Something like 15 years ago,
I facilitated after-school groups
for at risk High School folks.

They were "At risk"
because they were Gay
or Transgendered,
or still figuring it out.

It is humbling and uplifting
all at the same time
to know that my Oahu neighbor
an adult now,
is herself nurturing youth
and remembers the time we shared
as important.

I have had the privilege of knowing
that my actions 
have mattered.

What more can anyone claim?

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