Sunday, March 4, 2012

Illusion Lounge

 A  L  O  H   A

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"Humanism - 
the belief that , while our lives
should be devoted to happiness, 
they are impoverished 
without and idea of 
deeper than mere property-bound 
The special virtue of freedom 
is not that it makes you richer
 and more powerful
but that it gives you more time 
to understand
what it means to be 
alive. "

Adam Gropnik

" I do not believe
 they've run out of 
surprises. "

Larry Niven 

" The distinction
 between the past, present
and future 
is only a stubbornly persistent
 illusion. "

                                                                     Albert Einstein 

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Life itself
-they say-
is an illusion
from which
we awaken.

More and more
we know that
less and less
"Hard Fact.'

We live in the 
interpretation zone.

My narrative
and yours
are very different.

My inspiring leader
is your bete noire.

And vice

It's pointless
to be angry
at a dreamer.

For in doing so
we turn our dreams
into nightmares.

Sleep on!
All I can do
is to love you.

For after all,
in this realm of
and sudden awakenings
what is there
but fellowship?

Sail on,
sail on
your cloud of dreaming.

And thank YOU kindly
for anchoring it
for a while.

                        fondly, cloudia

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Lava Claims Last House

Jack lived here,
 the last one in the neighborhood, 
as lava flowed all around;
Walking 4 miles to the nearest road.
claimed his home 
and sent him packing 
for the last time: