Monday, December 5, 2011

Emotional Forecast

A L O H A  !

Stormy Monday by Buddy Guy on Grooveshark

click on the clouds - they won't bite

" It's the emotion
that appears first.
And then the thought
(or the story)
follows. "


(^_^)              :'-(

Emotions are often likened to weather.
They blow in from who-knows-where,
they can be tender or torrential,
and when it's raining - 

you just gotta hunker down
and get wet.

Whatever causes emotions,
or precipitates a particular
they derive their power from a singular
They are ALL ABOUT

Whole industries and professions -
some might say EVERY ONE,
are based on the promise of
elusive happiness.
Religions even promise happiness 
that is FOREVER!

Can't wrap a cloud around a mast like cotton candy!

 One thing we understand too well
is how difficult it is to choose,
- or change -
our emotional state.

So riddle me this:
If our moods are our own,
and we know that they are 
seemingly not chosen,
why do we often think
that the emotions
of those closest to us
are something 
"they are doing to us?"

 Sounds silly, but we ALL do it:
"If he would JUST act different,
EVERYthing would be fine!
Why is HE
DOING this to
ME !? "

Hard as it is for all of us
"Me-s" to understand,
those around us are, overwhelmingly,
each a " Me

And it's all about:
those "me-s "

Showing compassion
when one of them is upset
instead of pique,
treating them as a 
wet "Me" in a storm
instead of as an annoying 
over the face of your sun
might be the way to go.

What do YOU think?
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                                                Warm Thanks, cloudia