Monday, February 17, 2014

Kama the Surfing Piglet

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Stand Like a Tree

A    L    O    H    A  !
" Even if I knew
 that tomorrow
 the world would 
go to pieces,
 I would still 
plant my apple tree. "

Martin Luther

" All theory, dear friend, 
is gray, 
but the 
golden tree of life 
springs ever green. "

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

" Except during
 the nine months 
before he draws 
his first breath, 
no man 
manages his affairs
 as well as 
a tree does. "

George Bernard Shaw

" But though 
to the outer ear 
these trees are 
now silent, 
their songs never 
cease. "

John Muir

Banana "Trees" aren't. They are giant grasses!
" I looked up my family tree 
and found out 
I was the sap. "

Rodney Dangerfield


what we THINK we know
is wrong.

Conventional wisdom holds
that aging
causes less productivity.

But a recent study
of old growth trees
has turned 
such assumptions
upside down.

 Scientists from 16 nations 

studied 673,046 individual trees  

of over 400 species 

on six continents finding:

As they get older and bigger

trees actually 

accelerate their growth!

"This finding contradicts 
the usual assumption 
that tree growth eventually declines 
as trees get older and bigger,
It also means that big, old trees 
are better
 at absorbing carbon 
from the atmosphere
 than has been 
commonly assumed.
"In human terms,
 it is as if our growth 
just keeps accelerating 
after adolescence, 
instead of slowing down. 
By that measure, 
humans could weigh 
half a ton by middle age,
 and well over a ton
 at retirement." 

 Nate Stephenson, 
lead author, forest ecologist 
US Geological Survey (USGS)

I know
that I am more able
than ever,
not perhaps
in weight lifting

or partying all night
but in living life
wisely, well
and contributing
to it.

Like You!

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