Monday, June 9, 2014

Toxic Narcissists

A   L   O   H   A !
"Half the harm 
that is done in this world
 is due to people 
who want to feel 
important.  -

They don’t mean to do harm,
 but the harm (that they cause)
 does not interest them.  
Or they do not see it, 
or they justify it -

- because they are absorbed 
in the endless struggle 
to think well of themselves. "
                                   T.S. Eliot


One of life's 
biggest challenges
is dealing with
Toxic Narcissists.

We are at a disadvantage
from the moment
they enter our lives.

How do you deal fairly
with those who act
like your judge:

Everything we do
is viewed by them
through the lens
of their self interest,
ego needs,
and suspicion.

"My way- or the highway"
smother freedom
or declare war;

There's no middle ground
with them.
You are either
their emotional servant,
or an enemy.

This toxicity must be
avoided or contained
or it can poison
your well-being.

Moral, health,
 and emotional hazards
when they are our
family members,
or otherwise 

Balance & discussion
are pointless: 

"Trying to 
reform narcissists 
by reasoning with them 
or by appealing to their 
better nature is
 about as effective 
as spitting in the ocean.”

They will remember
and repeat
their negative interpretation
of your every act,
no matter how long ago,
even as they are blind
to their own behavior
and it's real world

Which complicates the fact
that the only way to
interact with them
is behavioral.
[If you cannot
 avoid them altogether]

Do not be baited.
Remain centered.
Do what you need to do.
Say little.

Do not "ignore them"

Speak courteously always.

This will frustrate their
tactic of lying about you
to others:
Don't give them material.

[ They can appear
quite lovely to those
they are not fixated on.
Usually it is their own
children or family members
who bear the brunt. ]

Don't believe them
when they try
to draw you in,
or they will
"Gas Light" you.

Just listen politely.

They well know how
to manipulate
 it suits them.
They may even dangle
the loving relationship
 you seek.

Don't kick that football
Charlie Brown!

Just do your duty.
Give them love.
Stay safe.
This is all about
their fragile, 
wounded ego.

Good Luck!

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 The compass rose is nothing

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with an infinite number

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in all directions. -

-  It is the one true and perfect 
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And it is the one most accurate 
symbol of you. ” 
                                    Vera Nazarian 

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