Saturday, March 26, 2016

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A  L  O  H  A !

When You Move

A  L  O  H  A !
Every Critter Enjoys a Bit of Sun

 "No road is long 
with good company." 
                       Turkish Proverb 


"If you want to study 
ducks and to learn all 
that is possible to know 
about ducks, then you 
had better love ducks."
                       Abraham Maslow

Or People...

Pride  Survivor

"To fly up to the sky 
and watch the 
earth is beautiful; 
to fly down to the 
earth and watch the sky
is even more beautiful!"
                      Mehmet Murat ildan

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When you move
from a longtime home,
you realize how much
your identity and well being
consist of the people, places
and memories of your home area.

Everything 'back home' is deeply
detailed. With the internet, you
can read the home news,
watch the traffic, and talk
to your same friends all day
every day.

Your 'new home' by contrast
seems barren, unknown,
and possibly inhabited by
your worst fears, chief 
among them: isolation.

You are at the end of your
story that you know,
consoled only by what
brought you here
to this desert of everything
needful and familiar.

Look, as humans we know
that leaving the Earth
would be fatal to us;
but changing locations
ON the Earth?
No one told us we
would need a support
system for THAT too!

Slowly where you are
becomes more real.
The 'old place' recedes
to memories and stories.
Your dreams become less
anxious and upturned.
A necessary sense of  mastery
returns as you drive lost 
in thought, attentive to the
traffic, without the stress and
doubt of finding somewhere

It's not all that strange

So that's where I am.
Springlike days beguile.
Routines, BLESSED
routines sprout up.
Vigilance can wane.
Lost in a jelling thing
called 'home.'

Thank You
for being 'home folk'
                     Fondly, cloudia