Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throttle Therapy

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Panoramic view off Diamond Head. Tiny surfers show scale.

"I'm just riding the wave
 until it hits the shore."

Joe Schmidt 


My Therapist

"Sadness does not inhere in things;
 it does not reach us from the world
 and through mere contemplation of the world.
 It is a product of our own thought.
 We create it out of whole cloth."

Emile Durkheim

Friends along the way. He's caught a lizard!

"Let us permit nature to have her way.
  She understands her business
 better than we do."

Michel de Montaigne

Watching the surf from Diamond Head Road

“I wasn't born a fool.

 It took work to get this way.”

 Danny Kaye 


I don't need a therapist
because I have a motor scooter.

Throttle thrills,
& motor-driven magic
soon dispel the cobwebs
of the day.

Absorbed by movement
on my motorized walk
I glide
I swoop
wheeling like a hawk.

Passing (aye!) through color
& smells.

The closest thing to flying,
this effortless progress of the eye;
A twist of the wrist
and I'm 
     g o n e. . .  

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still running
in my mind.


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