Sunday, June 29, 2014

Good Mural Parking

A L O H A !
“The question is: 
why can’t parking lots 
be modest paradises?” 
 Eran Ben-Joseph

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           Warmly, cloudia

Just Some Kid

A   L   O   H   A !
" Hugs can do 

great amounts of good -

- especially for children. "

Princess of Wales Diana

 Just somebody else's kids. 

Just like you see every day.

 What is his day like? 

His Questions?    His Future?

Just a kid 

walking with is parents.

Who will he become?

Child of two soldiers.  

What does he worry about?

Do they leave at the same time?

Who can he count on?

What does he understand?

Is that sister to the side?

Just somebody else's kid.

Why does he matter

SO much?


Thank YOU
for Mattering to me-
                     Fondly, cloudia