Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little Girls Love Waikiki Ducks

A   L   O   H   A !
Click on ducks to enlarge
We are free ducks. 

The lagoons of Waikiki, 
 Kapiolani Park,
The water features
and ponds
of resorts and condos
make us very happy.

We even hang out
with the flamingos
at Honolulu Zoo!

" You must dare 
to disassociate yourself 
from those who would 
delay your journey...
 Leave, depart, 
if not physically, 
then mentally. 
Go your own way, 
quietly, undramatically, 
and venture toward 
trueness at last. "
                     Vernon Howard

 “ To have courage 
for whatever 
comes in life– 
lies in that. ” 
                          Teresa of Ávila

Off With You 
and Your Camera 

Mother & Child

 isn't something you
 it's something 
you remember. "
                  Oscar Levant

" Sometimes
 the poorest parent
 leaves his children
 the richest inheritance. "
                             Ruth E. Renkel


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                 Warmly, Cloudia
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