Monday, April 2, 2012

AlleyTears and Glory

A   L   O   H   A  !

 “ The function of prayer
 is not
 to influence God,
but rather to change
 the nature
of the one
 who prays. ”

Soren Kierkegaard

" I grew up playing in an alley. . . "
Jane Kaczmarek 

“The air was soft,
 the stars so fine,
 the promise of every 
cobbled alley
 so great that I thought
 I was in
 a dream.”

 Jack Kerouac

" What soap is 
for the body,
 tears are
 for the
 soul. "



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Computer Tip

" Guard well within yourself 
that treasure, kindness.

 Know how to give
Without hesitation,

how to lose without 

how to acquire
 without meanness.  "
George Sand


Consider the lowly
post-it note.

It makes an excellent
computer maintenance

Simply slide the 
sticky side
through the grooves
of your keyboard.

It will soon be covered
with detritus.

Try it today;
It's FUN-

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for visiting today!

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