Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wisdom on the Web

A L O H A !
" I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – too? "
Emily Dickinson  

One of the Blog-O-sphere's true gifts
is the knowledge that there are others
like ourselves
out there.

A blog friend of mine, 
composed a thoughtful poem
that has stayed with me
since I read it last night.

While it is deeply particular,
it is also universal,
and speaks for 
me too
with lovely, simple,
elegant language.
I posted it to a friend's FB wall
and it was JUST what he needed!
Another FB friend just commented:
"Wow. . . WOW"

So here it is pasted below.
Her name is a hot-link to her blog.
You can tell her
that YOU
are nobody too.
But my, 
there are lots of us!
Jolly . . . 
                                        Warmly, cloudia

"Speaking to Myself"

" Remember,
first of all,
you are no better and no worse than anyone.
You are human,
not super-human,
not less than human,
Just human.

As good as anyone else.

Once considered tall,

at the head of every line-up in school,
you've shrunk a little,
the people coming after you having grown taller
than those who lived before you.
Capable hands,
a straight back,
eyes that have grown a little dim with time
but still able to see clearly in the ways that matter.

Sorrow and joy,

laughter and tears,
the good days and bad,
accept them all.

Indifference is death.

Be kind to yourself,

or you will not be kind to others;
Forgive yourself,
only then will you forgive others.
Make empathy, patience and goodwill
become your golden rule.

Your life is yours,

and yours alone.
So live it well,
discard the fleeting fashions of the world.
Accept wise counsel but
ignore the siren voices of the fools who
call to you to follow them.

The world is yours,

take care of it.
The moon, the stars, the sun to light your night and day,
all yours, to share with every living creature.
The whole world is your garden,
so treat it gently.

You have lived more than half your life by now,

you've grown a little wiser
than the foolish girl you knew when you were young.
you've learned to place your trust
with careful circumspection;
you speak in truth to others
and always to yourself.

Delusion is best served in tiny measures,

but never to yourself.

With every breath you take,

remember that your time on earth is limited,
be mindful and courageous,
and face each day as it unfolds
in all its myriad diversity
with equanimity.

But above all,

be human."