Saturday, April 11, 2020

Another Way To See It

A    L    O    H    A  !
It's the days you have every right 
to breakdown and fall apart, yet 
choose to show up anyway 
that matter most. Don't 
diminish the small steps 
that others can't see.”
       Brittany Burgunder

Feeling Hemmed In?
I don't know what lies ahead, 
but I want to keep going forever.
Fuyumi Soryo

Light requires the high relief of darkness. 
Seeds sprout in darkness. Children 
are conceived, and the sun reborn. 
Darkness is not ... it’s not wrong.
          Rachel Hartman

Feeling tired?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Feeling defeated?
Feeling like it’s too much?
Feeling like it’s too hard?
Feeling like it’s not worth it?
Overthinking everything?

Take a look back to see
how far you’ve come.

And keep going.
     Tanya Masse

Maybe in this season we can Pass Over from an old system that enslaved too many and empowered too few. Maybe we can celebrate the miraculous Resurrection of loving and serving one another instead of the false gods of economy & exclusivity. Perhaps this Spring we can thrill amid the silence of all the old arguments to new songs we are suddenly singing together!  

Love You,

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