Monday, February 9, 2015

Street Smarts

A L O H A !

" We never really grow up, 
we only learn how 
to act in public. "
Bryan White

" Enjoy
 the little things, 
for one day 
you may look back 
and realize they 
were the big things. "
                         Robert Brault

A perennial quote 
well worth repeating. 
Like a mantra. 

" You get tough 
when you grow up 
People described me 
as a boyish girl - 
rather shy, but I didn't show it. 
I had an attitude. 
I was rather wild. "
                       Maj Sjowall

As an adult,  
I realize that  
 though I was not  
loved as I wanted, 
or needed at the time. 
I WAS loved. 

" The greatest day in your life 
and mine is when we take total 
responsibility for our attitudes. 
That's the day we truly grow up. "
                                    John C. Maxwell


Are You street smart,
do you look both ways?

That's one kind.

The deeper ways
of Street Smart
were taught me
by my father,
a city boy
who was in WWII
and raised me
in a new suburban home
on a new street
in a new subdivision
where I went
to a new school
outside his old City.

The new adventure:
[God Speed John Glenn!]

So I'm walking in
The City
with my dad,
down a gritty sidewalk
wider than our street.

The air is full
of sounds and smells.

Nothing is new.

Buildings various
in age, style, height,
before my green 
suburban eyes.

Classic rube pose:
eyes up high.
Classic line:
"Lookit all them 
tall bildins!"

Dad didn't smack me
on the back of the head,
but he didn't have to.

His reaction
and horror
were imprint enough
[this is over 50 years ago]

" You DON'T walk
on the sidewalk
looking UP!"
He said.
I can hear
his inflection.

"Look like you
know where you are,
like you belong there,
like you know
where you are going,
Don't stand out 
as a stranger."

To this day,
I behave
as if I belong
everywhere I go
no matter 
how different
in geography
or culture.

This trait
has gotten me
into some 
cool places.

It must have 
gotten me
into a few
rough places
and close calls
as well.
But I can't recall any!

Oh well,
such is vie!

I traveled by train
into the city
by age 14,
for the day.
[before mobile phones
and helicopter parents].

I made the City
mine too
with knowledge
and experience,
places and people.

Today, "children"
skype parents daily
from college!

I had my own apt
at age 16.

Maybe I grew up
too fast.

But dad respected
people who worked,
and paid their way.

I always will too.

Some of us
contribute else
than paychecks now.

I prepare
a modest feast
for Friends.

make it so
by visiting!

Thank You Friend!

                       Fondly, cloudia


A  L  O  H  A !

Walking along a 
construction fence
I was beckoned-

There he is 
in all his 
tentacled glory!

Linking to


Thank You
for swimming by!
                 Warmly, cloudia