Friday, July 26, 2013

Best Handbag

A  L  O  H  A !

" As the purse is emptied,

 the heart is filled. "

Victor Hugo 

"  You're never too fat 

for a new purse. "

Nia Vardalos 

" I try not to put my purse

 on the floor -

 demons will get into it. "

Nina Arianda 

" Open your mouth

 and purse cautiously,

 and your stock of wealth

 and reputation 

shall, at least in repute,

 be great. "

John Zimmerman 

" Debating on whether

 the chocolate I found

 in my purse

 has gone bad...

Oh well! Still chocolate. "

 Olivia Munn

" In music 

the passions 

enjoy themselves. "

Friedrich Nietzsche 

And Now

The Best Handbags

(According to Cloudia)

Classic Healthy Back Bag®

& Baglett by Ameribag

Yep! These are my favorites!
(Uncompensated opinion)

What do you prefer?

                             Fondly, cloudia