Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reveille and Reverie

A L O H A !
  Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Inst.) by Calm Baby on Grooveshark

“Sit in reverie, 
and watch
 the changing color 
of the waves
that break 
upon the idle seashore 
of the mind”
                       Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“He does not need opium.
 He has the gift of reverie.”
                              Anais Nin

“One of the best things
 about paintings
 is their silence-
which prompts reflection 
and random reverie.”
                                Mark Stevens 

“It is a good idea 
to be alone 
in a garden 
at dawn or dark 
so that all 
its shy presence 
may haunt you 
and possess you 
in a reverie of 
suspended thought.”
                James Douglas 

 “Do anything 
rather than give 
yourself to reverie”
                     William Ellery Channing 
                        (American moralist)


I have always endeavored
to live in a Reverie.

Music, Musings
of the Mystic
hold for me
an endless

Reverie needs
a space to be.

And creating this 
may require walls.

You might need 
your own apartment.

I did.

Requiring work
and income.

To leave a reverie,
for the hurly burly
of traffic and work
requires arousal-
(NO, not that kind)
- A sort of Reveille.

One steps up to preserve
one's Way of Life!

So blow the bugle
of today's daily tasks!

I will always
carry out
what survival asks!

But reverie
is my home,
my land.

Sharing it with
is that Great
Much More

I'm grateful
for our time together.

Do less, Muse More!

Enjoy the holiday season
that is our Life.

                       Fondly, cloudia


Waikiki Critters

A  L  O  H  A !
Golden Plover
KOLEA in Hawaiian

 'Ai no ke kōlea 
a momona hoi'i Kahiki 

' The plover eats until fat, 
and then returns
 to the land from which it came.'
Hawaiian proverb

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                           Warmly, cloudia