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Manu o Ku

A  L  O  H  A !
Manu o Ku

White Tern (Gygis alba) 

The official bird
Honolulu City & County



 is a natural choice for us,

 because its home

 is the entire 

City and County of Honolulu

which encompasses Oahu 

as well as the 

Northwestern Hawaiian Islands;

In addition, this handsome bird 

has been a traditional

 wayfinder and guide

 for Polynesian voyagers 

of ancient times

 as well as today.”

Honolulu Mayor, Mufi Hannemann 

April 2, 2007
Public Remarks

This vast territory
makes Honolulu
the largest county
in the USA
(in miles covered)

Northwestern Hawaiian Islands 

Papahanaumokuakea Marine Nat'l Monument

is a

World Heritage Site


Manu o Ku
 return to Waikiki
in the late afternoon
after long days 
fishing at sea.

They mean evening
and rest
are come
once more.

Breeding pairs nest
in the trees
of Honolulu Hale
(City Hall)

As the (former) mayor said,
Manu o Ku
has been our neighbor
our benefactor
our gift
for generations!

"There are joys 

which long to be ours. 

God sends 10,000 truths, 

which come about us

 like birds seeking inlet; 

but we are shut up

 to them, 

and so they bring us


but sit and sing

awhile upon the roof, 

and then fly away." 

Henry Ward Beecher

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